The congress will last five half-days, from Thursday morning to Saturday noon.

Each half-day will have the same structure:
• A plenary session (1h30) with three lectures
• Five sessions in parallel (1h30) : two symposiums with three talks, two workshops, focused on a clinical thematic round table discussion and a poster session during which ten posters will be briefly presented, then commented on by two speakers.

Each half-day session will be focused on a specific theme (see the arguments on the congress web-site, “topics”) :
• Body and psychic development

• Psychopathology, paediatrics and psychosomatic field

• The different body

• Attacks on the body, endangering conducts

• Place of the body in child psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment

The congress will give us the opportunity to listen to and participate in fifteen lectures in plenary sessions, thirty talks in symposiums, ten clinical thematic round table discussions and forty poster sessions.

For the details of these different presentation forms, you can check the appropriate headings on the website.

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