On behalf of the international and local organizing committees, we would like to thank you for the interest shown for the seventh European conference of the AEPEA, which is being organized jointly with the French language League for Mental Health in Brussels.
Through this newsletter, we will keep you updated regularly on the progress of preparations for the conference. This is important for us in a genuine process of the joint construction of a program in the available time. The Newsletter will reflect the proposals and suggestions that you send to the ’contact address’ of the conference (see the home page of the site). To facilitate the work of the secretariat, please do not forget to mention in your email the “AEPEA Congress in 2014.”
On the other hand, the “working groups” of this site will provide another opportunity for discussion and collaboration around the themes that this conference will address.


The call for papers and registration will open in spring 2013. The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2013.

Working Groups

An important aspect of this conference is the place which the various working groups occupy including those set up both within and outside of AEPEA.
Organizers and national chapters AEPEA therefore solicit all colleagues engaged in thoughts or clinical research projects to share their work during the conference.
To this end, we ask them to report the existence of a working group, its theme, and its eventual interest in participating in the Brussels Congress by sending an e-mail directly to Dr. Jean-Paul Matot, chairman of the committee local organization (jpmatot@skynet.be).
The existence of this group, the theme of work and the details of a contact person will then be posted in this section “working groups” of the conference site, which will allow colleagues and other interested groups to establish contact and develop appropriate links or collaborations.