Working groups

An important dimension of this congress is the place reserved the working groups set up inside, but also outside, the AEPEA.
As such the organizers and the national sections of the AEPEA request the colleagues involved in clinical reflections or research projects to make this known on the occasion of this congress.
For that purpose, we ask them to indicate the existence of a workgroup, its theme, and their interest in participating in the congress in Brussels by sending an e-mail directly (...)


Topic n°1 : Body and Psychic Development
V. Delvenne, M. Descamps, P. Gustin
During the emergence of thought processes, the body occupies a primordial position. The first psychic processes are anchored in sensory-motoric memories originating during the in-utero period. Psychic life develops through the transformation of sensations and perceptions in to representations within the context of the maternal environment following the encounter and response of the maternal body and mind.
Those (...)


The body, spring and potential space of individual being, is at the same time the most intimate, the most exposed, and the least controllable part of the personal identity. Between the biological body, organized by the physiological rules, the psychic body, master and tool of the construction of the Self, and the social body, object of the human passions, complex interactions draw the unstable lines of normality and pathology, health and disease, pleasure and pain, love and hate, (...)

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